Peschici and its alleyway!

A mixture of relax and sea!

Peschici is a town of 4.000 inhabitants in the province of Foggia. It is a part of National Park of Gargano and of the Mountain Community of Gargano.

It is situated on the most northern top of Gargano, and it overlooks the coast of Rodi and Vieste. Towards the horizon, you can get a glimpse of Tremiti Islands and Pelagosa.

In the last years, it has became as a renowned garganic seaside city, because of the quality of the sea and the excellent bathing, which have contributed to obtain many times the “Blue Flag” title, a famous recognition of the Foundation for Environmental Education.

Peschici is situated on the top an imposive carsic rock, rising over 100 m on the Adriatic sea, and it overlooks one of the most beautiful and enchanting bay of the Mediterranean Sea.

The historical center of Peschici goes from the touristic port up to the fortifications of the suevian castle. Inside the city, there are alleyway, hidden squares, cohorts, steep stairs, narrow ways, arch and white houses, typical architecture’s style of the coast of Apulia.

Two kilometers far from Peschici, there is the Santuario della Madonna di Loreto, built by a group of fishermen of Peschici as a devotion act to the Madonna, after being saved in a night during a storm.

The fishermen release their vote, building as big chapel as their boat. The Madonna di Loreto is reminded every second Monday after Easter.

In the historical centre, there are houses built sheer on the sea with the typical cupola covering, colored of the most white lime.

Around Peschici, you can find the famous National Park of Gargano, and it is over 120.000 hectares wide: it links the seaside to the mountains, and it comprehends an oasi of faunal protection, instituted by the region of Apulia.