Apartment Girasole

2 Adults - Two roomed-flat

This the smallest two roomed-flat but it has all the comforts, on the ground floor, fresh, satellite television, cooking corner with dishes, a wide bathroom, a table outside, mosquito net, shared garden.

Wi-Fi zone

Next to the reception and Tulipano flat.
It’s suggested to those couples which their demands are few; good quality – price relation.
View of Peschici out of the window.


(for week)
A. n.d. n.d.
B. 03/04 to 29/05 n.d.
C. 29/05 to 19/06 240,00€
D. 19/06 to 03/07 300,00€
E. 03/07 to 24/07 400,00€
F. 24/07 to 07/08 500,00€
G. 07/08 to 28/08 600,00€
H. 28/08 to 04/09 500,00€
I. 04/09 to 11/09 290,00€
L. 11/09 to 30/10 n.d.
M. 30/10 to 03/04 n.d.
n.a. = not available

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Notes and Rules

Prices goes from a Saturday to Saturday.
The arrival is expected from 15,00 o’clock until 20,00 o’clock. For out of time arrival it’s possible an extra charge for the service.
The departure is expected until 10,00 a.m.; for departures out of time is expected an extra charge for the service.
Short stays in off season are accepted.
Final cleaning are not mandatory, you have to leave everything clean and disinfected as you found, otherwise you have to pay the last total cleaning tax.
Obligatory caution of 100€, it will be given back when you will give the keys.
Where there is the air conditioning, you have to pay an extra charge.
Is possible to rent bath linen and bed linen.
Wash machine service 3€, cleaner inclusive.

Dear guest
01.05.2014 from the town of Fish established the tax.
The tourist tax is applied on the nights spent by non-residents in
Municipality of Fish in hotels and other accommodation located in extralberghiere
the municipal area.
The amount of tax due of stay varies depending on the following bands:
1. The city tax is € 0,80 per person per day for
nights spent in accommodation outdoors, camping and areas
equipped for the temporary parking, cottages, bed and breakfasts, houses and
holiday apartments, guest houses, holiday homes. The contribution shall be applied up
to a maximum of 10 consecutive nights.
Are exempt from the payment of tax:
1. Following are exempted from payment of tax:
a) children within the age of twelve;
b) those who took overnight youth hostels.
2. Following are exempted from payment of the tax of the sick and those who
assist patients in hospital, because of a
each patient.
They are also exempt from tax of the parent carers of sick
under the age of eighteen. The exemption is subject to the submission of a special
certification attesting to the generality of the structure health of the patient or the
resident and the reference period for the medical care or hospitalization.
The owner must also state, in accordance with Articles 46 and 47 of Presidential Decree
n. 445 of 2000, as amended, that the stay
at the health care facility is aimed towards the
subject patient.
For more detailed information please consult the appropriate web pages
disclosure "Set of stay" on the website of the town of PESCHICI
Finally, for further information please contact:
· The tax office of the town of PESCHICI for information on taxation
to the number 0884/964 018.